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Thread: Website for Global Rankings

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    hey conna, nugget here, can't wait for the update! do you have any idea when it's up? the site is backup again but it still have some errors

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    Conna, I just sent you a I did ages ago [When Omega Pack was released]....hopefully you will answer this one....MUCH NEEDED site for record keeping

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    Okay, the site is a mess, because it's old code (2007) and I can do 100x better now, and certainly not in .php anymore ... did you know that the host upgraded PHP from 5 to 7 and then of course the site stopped working, as PHP 7 is not backward compatible (facepalm)! Of course, on the host, it's not possible to revert to PHP 5.
    However, the only problem is the domain name, I'd like to keep
    I'm willing to do the work because I already have another version that supports multiple games. I'll check your message now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I started working on it now, going to transfer the domain and have a completely new and better site, written in node.js and javascript and getting rid of the php code.
    I'm not starting from scratch as I have the layout and javascript for handling multiple games, that part works great and here are some screenshots.
    So I just need to redo the server side.
    ETA: 3 weeks. Until them, please write down the records somewhere else.
    Also, I will add a surprise that will look fantastic, but I won't say anything until then.

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