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Thread: Are my worst fears about to be realized? (HD 1.20)

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    Unhappy Are my worst fears about to be realized? (HD 1.20)

    I still don't have HD. And ever since the patch came out I'm hearing a lot of negative reactions about how it's affecting online play - I'm really, really hoping that by the time I get the game in December that the online community is still active. I'm certainly not the most negative-minded user here, but the talk about online play dying out is a little distressing. :-

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    I don`t think you have anything to worry about. The technical problems are real and won`t help keep casual players on board, but they don`t kill the game, support is still there from SL, and there are stacks of keen players around and we`ll still be there for long after your PS3 arrives.

    Worry more about how you much intense practice you are going to have to put in!

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    did you have some problem with your ps3 RJ? why do you have to wait til december?

    however, maybe telling this i will become more and more unpopular for sure but i'm more worried about the off-line game than the on-line...all that reports of sudden stuttering really fear me

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