While playing pulse I thought of a new game type. I actually thought this up to go along with my new game mode idea AG-R GP, but it would work with any type of racing.

The idea is Grid League.

Taking the idea from Pulse but expanding it. This new method would be for both causal and hard core players.

A Grid League would work like this. Let's say I decided to form a Grid League, now I have to choose the name for my league. Then I would go to a similar screen as in Pulse where there are a blank grid of 32 empty cells, I fill in what types of events I want for each cell. Making my patten layout for the grid like campaign mode. I put my first cell event in, then the next ones I have set to lock, so the competitors have to complete the first event or events before they can get to the next. Just like campaign mode. When setting up a Grid League you have a number of options. Such as setting the speed class of the league, how many days will the league allows for each event to be finished by. Let's say I set each cell has 4 days to be completed. Now this makes it so the competitors have no rush but they have 4 days for the event to be active, if they don't do the event within the 4 days, then for them the event will be marked as a DNF. No score or medal will be award. Once a Grid League is saved the manager cannot go back and change the events.

Once someone joins my Grid League it is downloaded to there PS3 like a new campaign. People will have a option to leave a league when ever they want. When viewing a Grid League menu you, when moving the cursor from cell to cell you will get two options. "Race this Event" which will instantly go to the event, or "Standings" which will show you the standings for all members of the league that have completed this event, now this shows the stands as of then. So someone maybe be able to get a better time after you looked at the standings.

At the top of the grid in it's own button would be the over all league points standings, and the over all medal standings. This would list all competitors points, and there medal counts.

Temporary Grid League buddy list, this is a option once you go in to the Grid League menu it shows you who is currently online in WipeOut HD that is part of the league this is separate from your actual buddy list. Since you maybe in a league with 50 or more people, and you wouldn't want all of them to be on your XMB buddy list. This would make it easier for certain events.

The Grid League length will depend on how many days the League Manager gives per cell for completion. Also how many different Grid pages are in the league. This makes it flexible, and is up to the League Manager. Some leagues maybe short only having a couple cells in a small grid. While some Grid Leagues may take several months to compete. Each cell in the grid time limit would start once it is unlocked from the grid. Locked cells time limit is not active. Each Grid page will be available once all competitors in the grid are finished with the previous grid. For inactive players, the league manager can choose to kicked them from the league.

For time trials, speed laps and zones. I have couple of options. With speed lap I can set the number of laps given same as in campaign mode. I can either set manually what times the competitor will have to achieve to unlock the next even, or I can select a option to go off a percentage of the online world record. So if I set it to be 5% of the World Record it will automatically tell me what the time should be to get a gold medal. With Zones I can set how many zones the competitors need. I would only set the 1st place achievement the other 2 would automatically be calculated. Or I can set them all myself.

Now some event types can be played offline but you would need a internet connection for your scores to be uploaded to the league. I also picture being able to play time trial, speed lap, and zones online too. Now one playing these online you would play just like normal the only difference is, if you are playing against someone else online these mode it would go more a World Rally type scoring. So on the right side of the screen you would just see in real time, my competitors time, or zone level. They wouldn't be on the same track, each people would get there own instanced version of the track, but the lap times, and zone number would be shown to all in real time.

Each Grid League will keep track of the competitors standings within the league itself. For events you don't directly compete against other players, that are timed based such as time trial, speed lap and zones. On the right side of your screen you will see the standings of the top 8 competitors that have completed this event so fair. It would give there name and there times, or zone number. Your job would be to beat it. Now, these types of events you will be able to do over and over within the amount of time given for that event, but only your best time will be count. Ones the time limit for the cell event is up, your best time is taken.

Tournaments would work the same as in campaign mode, they would take up one grid cell but it is up to the manager to set how many races, weapons on or off, in the tournament. The amount of tournaments in a grid is up the league manager.

For tournaments and single races with in the Grid League, these events requires that a certain number of people that are part of the league be available for the tournament or single race to take place. Let's say I have 50 people in my league, but the tournaments and single race events I must have at least 3 or more people to be able to do them. This will make it so people within the league organize those events together.

Now each Cell in the grid does not have a set path other then the unlocking them. So you can play to your playing style, such as trying to unlock all the time trial, speed lap and zone events first, and leaving single race and tournaments for last. This also depends on how the league manager designs the grid.

You may have 32 cells in a grid page maximum but it's up to the league manager to decide how many grid pages the league will have total. So it could be possible for a league manager to make 5 pages of 32 cell grids for there league, or even more.

Now each Grid League can be saved for later use, and can be used over and over at a later date. So the manager doe not have to redo all the cells if the Grid League was successful. Grid League cell layout and pages can be shared with friends, so they can use it as a template or use the same Grid League unchanged.