I just beat Zico 5 minutes ago... not having played for a few months, it took me a good hour to get from 32-something to around 31.15, getting into the groove again and also getting used to external view (because it makes the BR onto the bridge easier), and I was stuck around that time for a while despite nailing all the BRs and racing a clean line, side shifting, etc.

Then I realised something - when doing the 2nd BR over the little hill (the place where you see some people do 2 BRs back to back), I was getting too much air, missing the speed pad on the downward slope!

/facepalm, I should know better ^^

After my realisation it took just a few more laps to go from 31.05 to 30.70, bagging the trophy. So my tip for those who might be struggling with the last 0.5 seconds is to keep airtime to a minimum for the first two BRs, and definitely make sure you land on the speed pad after BR#2 - its easy to go past it if you arent careful. It looks kinda cool to fly high over that whole hill, and it feels fast, but your ship is faster on the ground than in the air. Set motion control to pitch and you can easily control how much air you are getting.

Hope that helps, good luck to anyone still working on this one, it feels pretty damn good to hear that trophy "bling" sound when you finally succeed