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Thread: Wipeout HD split screen +

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    Default Wipeout HD split screen +

    I am very happy with the addition of the split screen, and I like the multiplayer options, but a couple of things that would make it better are

    1) Be able to turn off CPU opponents and race one on one. This would help the framerate be above 20. It was pretty slow on sebenco climb with all the ships on screen. If records need to be disallowed with less opponents, that would be fine

    2) Bring back the time trial multiplayer race from pure, that was a lot of fun because you still got your 1 turbo per lap

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    Time Trial mode for multiplayer - both online and off - would be much appreciated. Maybe also an option to turn collision between ships off. In no-weapons races it really gets on your nerves when you get caught up in another ship, causing you to crash at the beginning of the race, and have no chance to catch the leader, who is then several seconds ahead.

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    Good ideas, I agree It`s great to have cpu opponents, but maybe not worth it all the time if this is causing the framerate hit.

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