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Thread: How high can you go?!

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    I reached a height similar to the one in those Sol 2 pictures. This was on the reverse Metropia track. I was boosting in a weird place and I slammed into a billboard-type thing at a weird angle and my ship just blasted straight into the air. It had gone so high; I was suprised it wasn't resetting to the track. I was sure I was screwed.

    But it just reached an apex and starting falling, so I did a barrel roll and, amazingly, landed perfectly and kept on in the race.

    I think I ended up finishing second.

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    ... Wow.

    Be awesome to have a saved replay of that, wouldn't it?

    Even better, a ghost!
    Distribute the ghost with "try and follow me!", then someone's following you on the track, then suddenly "where'd he go?!?" 8 )

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