Hi there !

Am I the only one who figure out a BIG translation mistake in wipEout HD ? :-

I'm french, so my PS3 is in french and so is wipEout HD.
In the Audio option menu there is this item : "Résumé Circuit", which can be translate by "Track description" for example (I thought it would be something like the Pulse track description). I enabled it before my first play and forgot it.

Several plays later, I've seen no track description but noticed that the music I was listening to keeps playing from when it stoped at the following track (I mean racing track, not music track).
And that's the point !
I didn't check the spelling in english but I guess this option must be "Resume Track" and being in the Audio menu, it make sense !

I was used to translation mystake in Castlevania or other Konami games (inverting "Buy" and "Sell" )but not in wipEout !!