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Thread: Wipeout HD disappointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axel View Post
    It's a shame really but I hated both Fusion and mildly liked PULSE. PURE was fun but not floaty enough. I'm absolutely loving HD because of the fact that I can use a proper controller and the physics are closer to the trinity Wipeouts than both the psp games.
    The way I see it it's the other way around. To me Pure feels most floaty within the "modern trinity", whereas there was slightly less floatiness in Pulse and there seems to be even less in HD.
    Which is not to say that I don't like the latter. As a matter of fact, I thought Pulse, for all its tiny shortcomings, stands alongside 2097 as one of the best WipEouts.


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    I agree with you, Ben, regarding Pure anyway. It is the most connected to the Trinity in its handling, imo

    I think Chill makes a great point to me about playing and practicing the games to appreciate them. Isn`t Wipeout supposed to be like that, maybe? You don`t pick up and play original Wipeout and enjoy it straight away, you have to suffer! HD is making me burn the candle at both ends (the sign of me liking a game unfortunately). Now I am "getting" the handling a bit more so that I can play smoother and get hooked on it, and at the same time it`s the first wipeout my kids have been able to play, I think it`s clever stuff.

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