For any one of the ships?

I need to do know if they look so good that it's worth headaches, shouting at my TV and potential controller destruction , trying to complete the final two grids as quickly as possible (Grid 7 is killing me), or if I'm not missing out on something sensational (alright, maybe not that sensational, but I would really like to see what these things look like) by giving the campaign a rest for a few days while I lower my blood pressure a bit again with some racebox and online races instead and get some much needed and less stressful practice .

In fact I'm still not sure I've actually gotten a proper confirmation of whether you need gold in all events to unlock these skins (as I was originally informed, and which probably put them out of my reach for weeks or months then anyway) or you get them as long as you've just finished the campaign with a medal in all events, as someone else on this forum said?