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Thread: Bug reports, HD

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    Ive had the point bug which is annoying. But more annoying is the weapons pad for me Lag causes the issue of you receiving the weapons late. I had bit torrent running on my computer . But the weapons pad is difficult because sometimes it doesn't go off when someone goes over it.

    I'm also aware (if by design) that if your above the weapons grid, not by much, you don't get the weapon which is harsh cause the speed pads work at the same height. I'll look into it further to see if that could be lag.

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    Default Mod message.

    Why do we have a couple of zillion <exaggeration] bugs threads? This diffuses the discussion of problems so that not everyone gets to see and weigh in on their own experience in a more focussed and useful way.
    This thread is closed. For small problems or general questions that don't need their own individual threads, go here:

    For larger probs that you know need major discussion, check for already existing threads, and if there are none for the specific problem, then and only then, start one.

    A bug reports thread with a specific format like the one in the Pulse section would be a good idea for HD. If someone who knows the HD-relevant conditions that should be listed formally in the reports will start one, I would appreciate it. Please notify me by PM if you've done so. I can edit it for clarity if necessary.


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