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Thread: "My Ranking" features appears to be broken

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    Default "My Ranking" features appears to be broken

    Has anyone else looked at the 'Records'?

    When you do a GLOBAL view, the square button is ment to take you to "My Ranking", but it doesn't work.

    If I choose a track and do a PERSONAL view, I can see that I have times, but if I go to the GLOBAL view, it starts at position 1, and I can go to "my ranking".

    Interestingly, after playing around, i have found that for the track "VINETA K" the list auto sorts to my rank (which is currently a disappointing 2597).. If I scroll up/down and then hit "square" it takes me back to my rank.. So, the feature kind of works.

    But for other tracks, my rank isn't shown!


    Edit: After playing with the records some more, I think the problem is on the server, rather than with the game itself.. If I look at another track (i.e ANULPHA PASS) my personal best is 1:56.75.. If I then scroll down the GLOBAL rankings and get to 1:56.75 I am not shown.

    I notice, at the end of the leaderboards, there are 100s of players with times showing -.- and nothing against 'team' or 'speed pads'.

    I wonder if the server is simpy processing 1000s of stats and hasn't entered them into the leaderboard yet? Or worse.. Perhaps there is a problem with the stats and these times are lost?
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