i know i could have posted that elsewhere in WZ but it's historical ( like every new Wipeout released ) and i wanted to create a mini event at home this weekend in Le Havre for HD release.
That's why i contacted few friends who belong to Wipeout universe last weekend and here we go :
Del Stepho
Vic Cachou
His bro Simon ( Poisson )
Vic's girlfriend
and me.
There's also 2 others who shall come but nothing is sure.
Unfortunately Kanar & Kaori couldn't make it possible.

If you are near Le Havre folks, you are invited of course

We have 2 lcds TV, 2 ps3 and 2 eyetoy, many pizzas, redbulls, whiskey and pipermint (Get27), need HD to DL of course

We gonna start at friday night ( not before midnight i think ) till sunday afternoon.

See you online for those who cannot come