XYZ Reboot was my most favorite one (especially its dramatic-like chorus and techno and robot-like sounds), then Beseitigen (some of its tunes are like Onyx but a little low) next is Pencil Neck (its beats are slightly fast and energetic.) then '95 Future Echoes (Yeah this so-called "lost track of the original WipEout" is just a fine one. This track soothes me up), 5th is Orchasm 8 (Some parts are like the ones that are from the guitar that is mostly used in rock songs and some of them are from Harmonica and a few drums) then my least favorite is Turbine (the male vocal voice at the start is bothering me. Some parts is like someone is screaming and some of them are creepy and sneaky with much drums).

I say this mini-album is just fine and a very good set of tunes to play within Wipeout HD especially Fury. This is truly recommended!!