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Thread: The Ultimate WipEout Soundtrack

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    Well guys I'm working on creating a comprehensive soundtrack for WipEout HD which will include all the musical tracks ever included in every wipeout game.

    If someone already beat me to this, please let me know, but I will try and make it available to anyone who personally requests it (or parts of it) from me.

    If I'm not allowed to "do" this here, by all means please let me know and I will cordially retract this post.

    I thought it would be a great idea since we now have custom soundtracks in WipEout HD and Pulse (hmm, Pure had custom music too didn't it?) I'll edit this post in the future with a complete list of the songs as I get them all organized and such.

    Getting some of the music (like from Pulse, Pure, Fusion and 64) might be difficult... any help would be appriciated.


    Please forgive the double post, but I didn't want to create another thread on a topic that is so similiar....

    I'm sure you PS3 owners (and the dev team for wipeout) are aware that SONY has started selling game soundtracks on the PSN... The debut soundtrack was from the PixelJunk Monsters game, and I think that making all the soundtracks from the WipEout games available for purchase on the PSN would be a really cool idea! Just food for thought.
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