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Thread: Who's a bit dissapointed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Berry View Post
    HD is floatier and a little bouncier (not like a bouncy ball) than Wipeout has been for a while. Its not Wipeout 3 floaty, but its more so than Pure or Pulse, especially as you move up in speeds (and of course more than fusion). There are sections in ubermall and in sebenco that allows for a LARGE amount of air time for example.

    wow that sounds very tony hawks, air time, how Rad

    Sweet. Cheers Colin!

    I'm really digging some of the new stuff I've seen in the videos (the way the levels change in zone is the sex).

    So what day do I need to buy my PS3 anyone - only release date on the sony site is May.

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    Thank you for going back in the direction of the topic.

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    I will reserve my judgement until I play the game, I can't see how you can be disappointed with game you have not even played yet?

    Graphics, sounds, speed, framerate, tearing all matter but at the end of the day it's how it feels that counts and you canlt get that from a video clip.

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