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Thread: I made a side-by-side

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    Quote Originally Posted by adelheid View Post
    How about I turn around, fire up my nice new copy of Wip3out SE, and smear vaseline on the TV?
    LOL! tv masturbation??

    [stupidity off][back on topic]
    The Qirex-RD is looking awesome! Nice change from the classic 'tub of lard', also, in one of the screenshots ive seen, i could've sworn i saw what looked like an all-yellow xios with the 'x' logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by insertcoin View Post
    The graphics have been re-done for HD, new textures - and as you say soft-focus or as I call it Anti-Aliasing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Egg View Post
    Er ... I'd point out that fuzzy screenshot is hardly representative of a 1080p HD game.

    Check ... their shots are closer to the target resolution.
    I know, the problem I have with the graphics runs deeper than mere anti-aliasing (If it was only A-A I wouldn't care).
    I have noticed a trend in games over the last few years where the obsession with photo-realism has brought us the fuzzy "Me and my eyes have been awake for 48 hours" point of view, complete with coronas around all light sources and blurring effects around everything else.
    I can only assume this phenomena has come about due to the ironic fact that in their quest for photo-realism games developers they actually made games noticeably unrealistic.

    If it is just a bum screen shot then I apologise for ranting, but I still fear that Wipeout will soon be forced to bow to the might of the blur. Of course if the blur is because of flying at 400 Mph then that's OK

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