Yes, we know it's out there. Yes, you're smart ****er for running a custom OS and playing a version of the game from mid-May with unbalanced AI, non-final weapons effects, and 80% of the game missing, but just go enjoy yourself and don't go posting any screen grabs on this site.

Don't care how long you've been a member or how good your intentions are. If you are posting images you've obtained from having a rip of the preview code then you're putting this site at risk and as such I have very little patience for you. You will be banned, simple as that.

From this point onward, any topics that sway towards discussion of custom firmwares, playing rips of games with a custom firmware, or anything else that promotes piracy, will be locked or deleted. Maybe both.

This is a WipEout fan site that enjoys a close relationship with the development team. If you cant see how doing the above might jeopardize that relationship then you really are in a whole world of denial.

Also, if you're thinking of acting all high and mighty like The Uncreated and disrespecting the moderators for trying to enforce the above rules in order to protect the site, you'll be banned too. In fact, you wont really be welcome back.