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Thread: Akira Ishihara Music Tracks

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    Question Akira Ishihara Music Tracks

    Does anyone know where I can find the two Japanese exclusive music tracks by Akira Ishihara, preferably in mp3 format?

    They are:

    1. Open The P.A.
    2. Breaking The Ice

    I swear, I searched the whole of t'internet for these tunes, but no luck so far. Although I did find that Open The P.A. is also on the soundtrack to Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2, funnily enough.


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    Those 2 songs are specific contents from the Jap version of Pure ( those tracks like the ones from the euro content are uniquely made for pure that's why you can't find them into the web , i mean like a legal content ) so if you don't buy this version no chance for you to hear them.
    About asking them as a mp3... sounds a bit illegal huh ?

    I closed that topic for that reason.

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