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Thread: Taking Up Challenge on anyone....

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    Default Taking Up Challenge on anyone....

    Hey whats up...

    Its been a while, a very long while...

    But in my return.

    I want to put myself up for a challenge against anyone...
    In any type game and system.
    Except, maybe Pure...I have yet to get a PSP, but 3, Fusion, orignal, xl, 64...

    I'll have my times from back when I was every active to todays time by the end of next week.
    I got a busy schedule, school, getting the djing in order, gigs and parties, a state fair, work....a long wrap sheet, but I believe it will be worth it.

    (See if the new people in here, are up for what I have coming later)

    The Rap Sheet -yes the rules, participation, hmm the part where some converting different times between PAL and NTSC and Japan

    Its a head to on one race challenge. The challengers are scheduled to duel on a certain date, the time they do it is on there peragtive, and the date of finish must be complete or the challenger(s) loses.

    For a some reason of cheat...yeah, I been playin the game, Lance been playin the game, Paul, Rhys, Stin...
    For our champs(self), veterans(lance), legends, kings(AL), and rookies(new pilots).
    Recognizen when something isn't coposetic, true...

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    rap sheet

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    I accept your challenge.

    I'm ready to race on any track in W3O (PAL) or Fusion (PAL).

    Tell me the rules and let's gooooo!!! _on

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