Hi to all you WipEout nuts out there, i'm currently writing a book/ filmscripty on WipEout, I have loved the game since i first played it when I was Fourteen, And twelve years later I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth is and write about it, it has several backstories, plotholes and twists, i've been planning it for two years and have scome up with material which three publishers are aching for me to finish, I'm in the process of dealing with the legal side through psygnosis/ Sony Computer Entertainment and it's all looking good... Unfortunattely I didn't plan for the eventuality that there would be such a huge fanbase so i've re-written it (taking me 3months) with all the proper specs/ship descriptions etc.

It's based in 2097 and using all the crafts from fusion, with characters i've made up using the names i've borrowed from friends and avatars from another forum, mikerulestheinternet.com . Every party which i've contacted love the idea so I hope you guys like it too, the reason i've re-written it to fit exactly into the feel of the game is through this website and reading your posts.

A young GT racer from the year 2005 signed up for the big freeze when he was fifteen, mainly because he was offered 2,000,000 for the privilege and, let's face it, which 15 year old would pass up the opportunity to live like a playboy?!. He turned 24 and went into cryo, the state of the world's environment being so bad that Peter Lawler and the other 265,999 people in cryostasis were going to be needed in the year 4022. They were packed up with al l the gear they needed to start the human race over, either that, or, if the Earth's surface was intolerable in 4022, die in the underground, 25 cubic mile wonder of modern engineering which was the Cryoscope International CryoLabs. Along came the best funded Organisation on the planet at the time, C.O.N, Pumping billions into the environment cleanup project and turning the state of Earth back to it's original state by the year 2097. Mr. Lawler and the other hundreds of thousands of people were a link to the past which an unknown party wanted to see the back of, who blasted the CryoLab to hell, with two survivors: The GT racer, Peter Lawler and another unknown skilled CryoPig, Steve the insomniac.
These two are rescued and kept safe in free luxury by the manager of New T.V.R's anti gravity racing team, Feisar, and their skills put to good use as Anti Grav pilots in the wipeout ten series. The new world in 2097 is a world which doesn't teach children of the past for fear of the environment collapsing again, and most of all, condones free thought. The people in 2097 are a happy, carefree bunch, not because of their lifestyle, but because of a dark underlying factor of which comes clear through the book.
It is a story mainly about the 24 year old party animal who became famous in Cryo through his effects as a GT racer in the 2000's, but doesn't know this. He has theoretically 'jumped' 92 years into the future, writing a journal his thoughts of guilt, memories, and getting used to the new technology, living it up in Altima 2 party style,overcoming the strange side effects of Cryo, meeting new (if not slightly wierd) people and pilots, and above all the story is about Lawler racing in the highest paid, largest funded, fastest, most brutally technologically advanced racing sport in history, and his damn sarcastic sense of humour.

Trying to put myself in the year 2097, thinking up inventions which i thought would appear so far in the future, and write my thoughts on such things (it goes alot deeper, this is just the basic outline) has been a laugh, ****ing hard work and lots of time, but i'm just glad that i've done it and now there might be a chance to write a movie on the WipEout series, after 12 years of wanting to do something about it, my (and your) dreams may soon turn out to be a reality.

Feel free to add me on msn, or aim (not yahoo, i never use it) and discuss, i'll be more than happy to send you a few pages for your feedback, after all, we're all in the same boat when it comes to the love of WipEout.

Cheers guys, here's to the future! Pete