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Thread: another PSP for sale - by shortyjj

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    Default Another PSP for sale

    I'm giving up - my commute isn't as PSP-friendly as I thought (too much standing up) so I'm deciding to sell:

    1 slightly used PSP value pack (including Spider-Man 2)
    1 slightly used copy of WipeOut Pure

    Just looking to get back what I paid, so $300 for both + shipping.

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    Hmm... if there's no interest, I'll return the PSP to Best Buy and sell WP separately. I guess everybody who was going to get one has already gotten an import?

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    Where are you from? Just to give us an idea about shipping costs

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    Currently working in Washington, DC (US) and live not far outside of it.

    I noticed this seller on eBay wants $45 for worldwide shipping. It can't possibly be that much, right?

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    Ok, the PSP went back to Best Buy, but I still have the copy of Pure for $35 + shipping (from the US)

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