Studio Liverpool,

As an avid basher of Fusion and a Wipeout fan since DAY 001 of the U.S. release (when I was merely 15 years old), I feel compelled to formally thank, in this forum, Studio Liverpool for the incredible gaming experience that is Wipeout Pure.

I live in Canada, and BAM!'s shaky release of Fusion here meant I had to take a quick trip across the border to Detroit , MI to buy it as soon as I possibly could. I had already read mixed reviews of the game and was concerned - but I believed the game was going to be great.

I still remember the sinking feeling I had when I first saw Fusion's front-end... it was like my first-born was being butchered in front of me (I take this crap seriously).

Fusion had it's moments, but it wasn't nearly the Wipeout's that were dear to my heart. I was convinced that this was the last Wipeout I'd ever see and I wasn't happy about it.

But the news of Pure came, and the Pure mantra seemed promising from my standpoint. So I aquired a PSP asap from Lik Sang and on March 18th, purchased Pure in Orlando Florida.

As quickly as I got that sinking feeling with Fusion, I was sent back to better days in my Feisar ship playing "Messij" on a loop w/a time trial. What a RELIEF. The guys at EB Games in the Florida Mall in Orlando are also impressed by the way

Liverpool,... I flat out hated you guys for Fusion. But you've shown you understand it this time. I am dazzled, impressed - humbled by this work. You've shown you love for this game and your respect for us. This game is absolutely astounding - be proud.


Tye Roberts