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Thread: A Challenge against players from Wipeout Fusion in England.

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    Default A Challenge against players from Wipeout Fusion in England.

    Im gathering information from other players on how they perform in Anti Gravity Racing.
    Each Wipeout game from the orignal to Fusion.

    I had made a challenge to those guys their on the first year i joined the forum. But couldnt make the challenge for that year, so it this is pretty late.
    And most of the people i was suppose to go up against, well they become other than different than I remember them from a long time ago.

    I've asked the same thing on Fusion about getting the times for Race, Time trial, and somne Challenges. I have also included the Zone from Fusion. Its taken me a while to get the hang of the Zone and figure out how to beat it. About a year and so months.

    If you can or want to share your info. either post them on this topic or email me the information to.

    Oh. and yes the reason for why i have not showed up in either forums or sometimes online at all. Is because of finishing my last three, well four sememsters at Midlands Tech, and getting the Automotive Associates Degree. and other things.
    Peace out.

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    Asayyeah -OFW-


    Why don't you before post your different times in the tables section of this site( 2097,3,3se), and ask in the pilote lounge to compare with the others fellow pilots about others versions ( Fusion, wipeout1, W64) ?

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