I need a little help compiling a list of differences between WO3 and WO3:SE. As far as I know WO3:SE has the following things, which the regular edition does not :-

(edit : this is the updated version of the list)

01 - 8 extra "classic" tracks (3 from WO1 and 5 from WO2097/XL)
02 - 2 tracks from the Japanese version of WO3
03 - AI bugfixes
04 - Enhanced game physics
05 - Assegai craft upgraded (speed +1)
06 - Icaras craft upgraded (handling +1)
07 - "next race" option after gaining a gold
08 - Auto-load of saved data on game start
09 - Brighter visibility in tunnels
10 - Certain "invisible walls" removed
11 - Larger text size on the menu screens
12 - Numeric characters available for player name entry
13 - Shadows under the AI craft
14 - Perfect lap indicators (a red "P" next to a lap time)
15 - Console link-up feature (without having to enter a code)
16 - NegCon replay bug fixed
17 - Weapon pads grey-out for a second after use (in W3O you had to judge for yourself if they were active)
18 - Different system for unlocking the tracks/craft.
19 - SE asks you to confirm if you want to overwrite your saved game. W3O just goes ahead and overwrites your data
20 - Slightly enhanced graphics on the four standard prototype tracks

Post here if you know of anything missing or incorrect.