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Thread: PACER Updare - Fixes news

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    How do you know which Goals you've succeeded in? For example, if you've done 5/7, how do you know which events you've still got to do? Is this a bug? 🤔

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    Latest Patch just went live. No fix for the insanely loud airbrakes yet unfortunately, but the game does now remember your custom controls when you turn off and come back to it. Woohoo!

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    Hey @everyone!

    Our team have been tinkering with PACER down in the Garage and have made some tweaks, changes and improvements to the game which are now active and available in the latest Patch 1.05!

    Thank you for all of your feedback we are currently hard at work on a brand new patch with even more improvements, fixes and features so look out for a future update and keep your feedback coming!


    R8Games Team

    Pacer Patch 1.05


    On-line Lobby Notification - When a player is in an offline race and a multi-player race becomes available, a pop-out HUD notification will be displayed.
    - This can be enabled in the 'Gameplay' Settings menu (this is set to 'OFF' by default).


    {Fixed} - Campaign - Team Goal for Izulu has been reduced to requiring 5 events rather than 6 (Goal was not possible on event 3 - Shield Management).
    {Fixed} - Campaign - Trophies - Updated the unlock call for the '1% trophy', as this was incorrect for the console versions of the title only.
    {Fixed} - Campaign - Fixed crash when rapidly swapping back and forth between the campaign menus screens.
    {Fixed} - Settings - The 'Reset to Default' option in the Settings menu now only resets the currently selected tab instead of the entire menu.
    {Fixed} - Settings - When rebinding the controls, the change song option in the pause menu would incorrectly change track using the rebound controls, this is now set to always use L1/R1 / LB/RB buttons.
    {Fixed} - Settings - When rebinding pitch options to the Right Stick, title would incorrectly invert the controls when in-game.
    {Fixed} - Settings - Fixed issue where changes to the control setting wasn't being saved correctly on the console versions of the title.
    {Fixed} - Hardware - Fixed an issue where Xbox 360 controllers were not being recognized by the title after the 1.04 patch.
    {Fixed} - Tracks - Removed a kill volume in AGUILA that was extending into the track incorrectly.


    {Crash/PS4} - Fixed a crash when flushing the avatars from memory on the map voting lobby screen, added extra support for this in all multiplayer lobbies.
    {Crash/PS4} - Fixed an issue that would cause the title to crash with more than 5 users in the lobby.
    {Fixed} - Reduced the level of audio network replication that was introduced in patch 1.04, as this was having a negative effect on performance on all systems.
    {Fixed} - Refined the physics replication during multiplayer races, improving performance on all systems.


    * Surround sound mix for the PS4 versions of the title is incorrect and will be updated in the next patch.

    * Fiyah! Fury Night variants can experience a performance drop in some multiplayer modes (this is more noticeable at higher speed classes with larger groups in a race).
    - During normal race conditions users should not experience this performance drop.

    * If the user joins a lobby as a spectator, they will be kicked with an NE003 error message after two races.
    - This issue isn't present if the user joins the lobby normally.
    - If the user joins as a spectator, backs out and joins once the race has ended they will avoid this issue.

    * New Speed lap / Endurance warning message will incorrectly display for a moment at the end of a multiplayer event.

    * Due to the rebalance of the team goals, it is possible to get a (6 / 5) for some team campaigns on the overview.
    - Unlocks will be awarded to the user at 5 completions.
    - This will be addressed in the future patch, where improved end user tracking of the goals will be added.

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    Nice one Blackwiggle 👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Concealed Sequence View Post
    How do you know which Goals you've succeeded in? For example, if you've done 5/7, how do you know which events you've still got to do? Is this a bug? 🤔
    It is annoying. I have done all the team goals for all teams except one. For the last one I have 5/6 team goals so there are 2 events left and I don't know which one will grant me the last team goal. I think they will change this in a patch. At least they are working on changing the looks of the career mode to make it a bit clearer and better looking. This issue with team goals will probably be fixed so that you can see which events actually has team goals and which don't and which team goals you have cleared or not.

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    @multibodydynamics Okay. Let's hope so! Cheers 👍

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