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Thread: Still fighting n living. The world gonna learn now to change

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    Trump is a disgrace.
    I loathed him before he was President.
    His grandfather ran bootleg Liquor and whore houses, his father inherited the ill gotten gains and bribed his way into goverrment contracts to build housing for returning GI's after WII, but refused to allow returning African American GI's a place in these developments.

    Woodie Guthrie, the famed American country / Folk music player even wrote about 'Óld Man Trump' in one of his songs.

    Trump has always been a narcissistic brat, with a sense of entitlement that oozes from his every mannerism.

    He is 100% prime pure bred American BS.

    Robert De Nero had it right in this interview with the BBC a few days ago.

    Good Luck America....with a little luck you'll be rid of Trump soon.....if you don't rid yourself of him, the whole world is going to think you are either complacent, gullible or stupid.

    Easiest way to get rid of Trump is to blow up FOX news studios, they are feeding the beast and the source of this stupid disinformation and conspiracy theories that are going around.
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    Wow, it sure has been a very long time since I last visited the forum. During global quarantine my flight back home to New Zealand from the UK was cancelled, and in the interim months I rediscovered my old love for WipEout when I chanced across my old PSP, with 2097 and 3 still installed via custom firmware. Since then, I've been training on the older games (still awful) and tried Fusion for the first time ijn years on my emulator (expected to dislike it, absolutely loved it). Planning to write something in the WipEout universe: the fantastic story is a real joy to remember.

    Stay safe out there fellow pilots, sending my best wishes

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    Yikes, how did that turn out, stuck in the UK? Did you manage to get home in the end? Sounds crazy to have to find a place to stay so short notice :/

    All well over here, luckily able to do homeworking so I'm personally not affected too much, but yeah situation is not good, hope everyone's holding strong!

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