After making the TAS videos for all the Wipeout 64 laps I wanted to take on this game. For those that don't know a TAS is basically a time attack video recorded in super slow motion (sometimes frame by frame) in an emulator with save states (and many reloads) to try to do everything perfect. It's just for entertainment and to find the limits of the game and not a demonstration of skill.

I guess I still don't fully understand how the brake tapping works but I did manage to comfortably beat the WR on Talon's Reach at least with a 1:13.7 in Time Attack on Phantom. Can make the emulator movie file available if there's any interest in this. To me this was very educational on how all the micro optimizations work in this game. The split laps already tell this isn't perfect. I think if one were to absolutely max this out (and spend 5 times as long to make the TAS video) 1:12.x is possible. Any pointers welcome of course since I made this one mostly to learn how to TAS this game effectively. Anyway, enjoy the video!