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Thread: Sony to move on from the old Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool building

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    Default Sony to move on from the old Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool building

    Word has it that the old glass L-shaped structure will be demolished after Sony moves into the city.

    Sony Interactive moves to central Liverpool.

    The thought of the place getting knocked down makes me feel kind of wistful.

    I had six great years there and I practically worshipped the place as a fan of Psygnosis games from the Amiga heyday. It was sad enough when they shut down development there, but I managed to visit a couple of years back and it was reassuring to know the building was still going strong.

    I remember walking in the the same atrium I'd gone through to climb the stairs to the first floor like I'd done all the days I worked there, but after development was shut down they "refreshed" the decor. The WipEout team banners and plaques for classic Psygnosis games were long gone, replaced with generic PlayStation symbol iconography on the walls.

    It was jarring to me, so I texted Colin Berry after my visit to say "from the outside the place still looks the same but inside it's lost its soul."

    Soon it will be gone forever and, with it, a piece of videogame history.

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    Thanks for letting us know and for your insight, it is quite sad, but life is like that sometimes. Take care.

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    Wow that's incredibly unfortunate. I know the pain of losing a place very near and dear to your heart. My childhood home, the one I lived in for close to 20 years was demolished recently and it felt like a huge piece of me was destroyed that day. I was literally raised and grew up in that house since I was about 4 years old. Anyway, it's bad enough when they randomly change the decor. WipEout always had such a unique sense of style that even as just an admirer of art and design in general, it's terrible to see WipEout themed decor be replaced with generic PS branding. But I guess in the end, it lives on in the hearts of the people who poured their blood, sweat and tears into making the best damn racing games ever.

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