Hi there!

I'm glad to announce that someone - even 20 years after the game release - is hosting a Wipeout 3 OFF-Line Tournament in Palermo, Italy. The location is D20 Ludopub Games e Drinks (Corso Calatafimi, 817), and the tournament will start on 10:00 PM (you have to sign-in on place before 9:00 PM to take part of the game). You can reach out the facebook event to get more info about the place and activities - Wip3out tournament will be indeed hosted togheter with some other gaming sessions on many PlayStation One games. The event is hosting this tournament, "Retro Tuesday - Playstation Edition", will have place on August the 20th, 2019. Price to enter the event will be 5, down to 4 if you are coming wearing a cosplay (I'm going as Auricom Pilot ♥). Paying the entrance fee will grant you free access to all activities of Retro Tuesday event, which of course includes the Wipeout 3 torunament. Prize will be rewarded as coupons you can spend through location's goods, drinks and food.

Wipeout 3 will be running on a PlayStation 2 system, with a vertically split screen, and video will be probably outputted on CRT-TV (a big one). Rules are pretty basic and easy to learn, here's all you need to know:

- Tournament format: Single or Double Elimination (depending on how many players signed-in) hosted on challonge - seeding will be random.
- Normal bracket winning and losing: Best of 3 - Venom - 3 Laps
- Semifinal & Final bracket winning and losing: Best of 5 - Rapier - 4 Laps
- Choosing racing tracks: to pick the first track of the first race, players will face each other with a quick rock-paper-scissors session. The winner will pick the first circuit of the game. From the second race and so on, racing circuit will be picked by the player who lost the previous game.
> Availability of racing tracks: any track can be picked (Porto Kora, Mega Mall, Sampa Run, Stanza Inter, Hi-Fumi, P-MAR Project, Manor Top, Terminal).
> Availability of racing ships: any ship can be picked (FEISAR, Goteki45, Auricom, Pirhana, Quirex RD, AG-S, Assegai, Icaras).
> Weapons availability: any weapon can be used during races. Watch out for that plasm ball, duh!

That's all.

Feel free to ask anything. I'll be checking forums every day during these weeks. Hope to meet some of you Wipeout 3 buddies on that day!