This was posted by Purdisc of R8 games as a reply to a question about a week ago on the state of the game, and what to expect.

Swan-like, things are moving hard and fast under the surface. Alas, nothing to see on the surface. We will be updating in next couple of months but currently we're updating to Unreal 4.18 which is taking longer than expected. Expect incremental updates from then on.

For a serious content update you will have to wait for the console release. Can't put a date on this yet. The update and console release will have more tracks, craft, a totally re-engineered AI (which will give you a good race / fight whatever your standard. You will have to use the weapons old and new. Some unique racing modes and a few other areas we can't mention...

...oh, and and a completely re-done Campaign addressing all the justified criticisms that it was linear, repetitive and generally boring.