Remember that 24h video games marathon I did a few years ago? I'm thinking of doing another one GameBlast 2018 is in three weeks time, where gamers are encouraged to organise events or challenges to fundraise for SpecialEffect. The charity have been operating for some years now, and their aim is to help those who have suffered life-changing injuries or have severe disabilities to play video games by designing bespoke control solutions for them. So, several things:

1 - If I were to do this event, it will be a mix of PC and PS4 stuff. Are there any requests for games you'd like to see on the stream? My internet is now not a pile of arse so I will obviously be including some Omega Collection

2 - Would any of you be willing to drop in for some multiplayer while it was going on? Let me know which games and any times you would be available in GMT. Obviously I would have to own those games

3 - Would any of you be willing to organise your own events to help fundraise for this brilliant charity?