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    Default PSVR first thoughs

    Played a few demos at first. Battletanx gave a great feeling of being in the game as you can look around behind you during gameplay. A set track racer felt the same. I found myself trying to look under my legs to see the track. WIPEOUT 2D would be a very cool translation here. Someone contact the person who programmed Wo2D and get them making this style. The same physics would be perfect, and MP would be a blast.

    I played Gran Turismo next. At first, I thought, I thought I turned on the N64 by accident. The game blurry and was like playing on a old movie screen, and did not feel like I was in the game. Head turning did not move the camera (this would help and maybe it is in there, but I didnt find it). It was ok, but I would rather look at a monitor.

    Wipeout. I read a hands on that had high praise, clean graphics and head tracking. If this gives a battletanx feeling itís going to be amazing.

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    I've heard Driveclub is a better VR experience than GT, you might want to look into that

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    If Wipeout doesnít come out soon, I might have to. Iíll probably play mutant football league in the meantime

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    Enjoyed Battlezone here too, personally I couldn't get on with DriveClub (not in VR anyway). Highly recommend Rez Infinite, Thumper, Resident Evil VII, Eve Valkyrie, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Until Dawn:RoB. VR Worlds, Last Guardian, Moss, Star Child demos also fun imo. Very much looking forward to Wipeout and The Inpatient next.

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    GT Sport might have realistic tracks, but the VR experience is limited to viewing your cars in the garage, and two lap races against single slow AI opponent in Arcade mode......the resolution drop from playing the same game on a TV screen in huge, actually, that could be said of all VR games.
    I'd liken Sony's VR headset games resolution to be in between PSone and PS2 graphically.
    The most enjoyable game for me so far has been VR Hustle Kings pool/snooker game, although that's rapidly wearing thin if only because of the interface, and the not so life like view that you can end up with.

    I've used the January Sale at the PStore to stock up on VR games, but most I have yet to fire up, as I've found out like a lot of other people have that the cable from the the new PS Eye camera is just a little short, so my setup is compromised ATM until the extension cable I had to buy for it eventually arrives.
    Why Sony chose to have some new bespoke plug for the camera is beyond me, it has made finding a extension cable difficult to say the least, as Sony don't make them.....I had ordered a 3rd party one from a UK based Ebay store, but then received a message from them cancelling my order because they said the cable was damaged and they wouldn't be getting any more until March.
    I eventually found another China based seller, but their mail is SLOW.

    So far my VR collection is thus.
    GT Sport
    Drive Club [VR upgrade from PStore]
    Dirt Rally [VR upgrade from PStore] ....find a used copy from somewhere and then just get the VR update, as it's a pretty old game, and they are charging far too much for it at the PStore.
    Radial -G ...So So AG game.

    Superhot VR ...VR FPS
    SPARC ...sort of like a TRON like VR Tennis
    RIGS ...Mech FPS ...was PS+ free
    Until Dawn VR- Rush of Blood....shooting enemies while traveling through a tunnel in a mine cart...... was PS+ free
    Valkyrie VR ....FP Space shooter
    Starblood Arena..... Anybody who ever played Decent or the French title Foresaken on the PSone, well it's like those games except faster, and V's online foes [does have single player]
    Farpoint ....FPS shooter....the VR Aim Controller is recommended for this.....enemies only come at you head-on to stave off possible motion sickness.

    BOUND ....Fantasy discovery game ....was PS+ free
    Everest VR......Climb Everest 'Experience''s OK
    Apollo 11 VR so 'Experience'
    Last Guardian VR DEMO....brings a whole different perspective to the game, sense of scale is amazing....controls suck though.
    Batman Arkham
    Sony Playstation Worlds....enjoyed the diving experience....Street Luge made me sick.
    Hustle Kings VR ....pool / snooker in VR

    A lot of these titles seem to have been made quite a long time ago, and as such should be considered first generation VR games, or really just a bit more the 'Proof of Concept' playable demos.
    Hopefully as the game makers get a hang of making VR games, and the VR helmets resolution improves, thing will progress and VR will really take off.....ATM it doesn't seem much more than a novelty TBH, and I really can't see it becoming a 'Must Have' for all.
    It's sitting above the expectations of 3D games, but suffers a even bigger hurdle than they did regarding cost of getting into it, and the need to be saddled with wearing a helmet....makes the inconvenience of having to wear 3D glasses pale into insignificance.

    I have been wondering if the OMEGA pack VR upgrade will be for the whole game.
    I'm sort of suspecting that it might be only for the HD/FURY portion, as that was already coded for 3D, and to turn that into VR would be less of a task that starting from scratch....wee will see.
    I can envision people will be stopping at various places around the tracks taking in the views from the tracks of the surrounding terrain when they first get the VR update, it will be interesting to see what the view will be like beneath the tracks of Sol 2....I'm expecting cloud cover.
    I think one of the first things I'll do when the VR update is out, is Turbo UP off a bump coming out of the last tunnel of Sebenco and then pause the game whilst high in the sky, then have a look around in photo mode, same on SOL 2....hopefully it will be of interest.
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