I mean, the policy for years was anyway to improve the "show" and make the racing more "exciting", showing some horrendous ideas like the double points for the season finale in 2014, or the thankfully short-living Elimination Qualifying at the early 2016 season. But also apparently smaller changes have been merely for the sake of profit and viewing figures.

According to Liberty Media, they plan to shift Formula 1 from "a pure motorsport company, to an entertainment and media brand". The new Formula 1 logo even looks like straight copied from WipEout!

This is also followed along their efforts to increase the activities aboard the track, like the podium interviews and the three top qualifiers having to park their cars on the start line to give an interview infront of the spectators. Activities at the track, that however require some extra payment to get...
And new TV overlay also preferrably explains something as basic as what yellow or blue flags mean, or how many points you get for what position.

I think the new owners of F1 kinda miss out on what longtime fans demand. But this also seems to be their purpose. Maximise profit with as many spectators as possible, create a consume out of the sport. Make the sport part of a popular brand.
It's not too clear now, but I think their statements are exactly portraying that. They don't plan to make the races better for the existing viewers. They plan to change the whole sort of viewers they attract.

Well, that's the background to what I actually tried to say. I find it somewhat funny how some aspects of the recent twists kinda are similar to WipEout canon.

2048: The inaugural Anti-Gravity Racing Championship season commences in Nova State City. - 1947: The Formula A class is established.
2052: The inaugural F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League season commences. - 1950: The inaugural World Automotive Championship season commences.
2056: AG Systems pilot Daniel Chang becomes the first fatality in anti-gravity racing history. The 2056 F3600 season is suspended as investigations into the safety of the craft begin. The League is restarted two years later. - 1954: Argentine Onofre Marimon was killed during practice for the German Grand Prix driving a Maserati 250F. It was the first fatality at a championship Formula One race weekend.
2085: The inaugural F5000 Anti-Gravity Racing League season commences. - 1981: The series is renamed to "Formula One World Championship".
2132: Overtel Corporation gains full control over the F7200 Commission. In doing so, Qirex is reorganised as an independent entity. - 2016: Liberty Media gains full control over Formula One Management.
2150: The F7200 Commission announces plans to upgrade the league again to F9000. This approach sees dramatic changes to AG racing, most notably the emphasis on vehicular combat. Race tracks are chosen by popular vote over the next few years. - 2017: Liberty Media announces plans to convert the sport from a racing company to a media and entertainment brand.

The rest is to be seen, but considering what ludicrous things even were done just weeks before season start, nothing would really surprise me anymore...