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Thread: PSVR with Gran Turismo 200$ at gamestop until the 24th

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    Default PSVR with Gran Turismo 200$ at gamestop until the 24th

    Like the title says, for US gamers. This will probably be the cheapest you can get this for in a long time. Itís finishing this Sunday though, so hop to it!

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    That is really a fantastic deal, everybody from USA should consider to get it. I paid 349Ä for my '2 move controller + camera + PSVR + VR Worlds' bundle. Imho it's worth every single Äent

    VR is like what Obi-Wan says to Luke in ANH 'You've taken your first step into a larger world'
    I really cannot wait for the VR patch to arrive
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    Similar sort of deal here in OZ, New VR v2 headset & camera + a code for VR essentials and a copy of GT sport for Aus$458....pity I didn't know that GT was included with this package [it wasn't advertised as such], as I decided to buy it from the PStore this morning [as it was the 12th deal of Xmas special] and started to download it while I went and bought the VR headset....seems like a waste of $60.....unless I can sell this copy on.
    At least I'll be ready for the Omega Pack VR update.

    Oh well, in the big scheme of things I suppose it's a pittance, as when I got the VR headset I also splurged out on a Logitec G29 Driving Force steering wheel & pedal set, along with a Collectiveminds 'Strikepack FPS Dominator' PS4 add-on controller mod, plus a 'Chat Pad' extension keyboard that fits onto a PS4 controller.

    I had upgraded to a PS4 Pro the week before, and the week before that I upgraded my 46" Sony to a 65" Panasonic 4K UHD TV, and got a Panasonic UB400 4K Disc player as all the HDMI cables had to be upgraded to get the best out of everything.

    I had been saving for a new JVC Projector, but decided I'd spend around AUS$3k less and get this lot above instead.

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