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Thread: Wipeout Omega Collection DLC?

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    I guess that's why unity square is in night time then. Would been cool if they finished that mode, a much better choice than combat, which doesn't really fit in 2048 imo

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    As nice as DLC for Omega would be, the dev's time is better spent on a new game at this point.

    That said, the upcoming VR mode is a generous gift indeed, and could be the foundation of a new WipEout game already!

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    You have to be honest about this VR update.
    The Omega Pack was 'Remastered' in the hope people would upgrade their PS4's to the Pro model.....maybe some did, I suspect a lot didn't...who knows or cares TBH.

    The VR update would have to be put in the same category, to sell VR headsets......In this particular instance, I suppose it was enough of a temptation for me to bite the bullet and get one... BUT would I had there been no announcement of Omega Pack VR ?
    Probably NOT.

    But by the same token, I recently upgraded my TV to a 4K HDR one......well anybody that know me and my spending habits would know I would want to make the best use of it, so a PS4 Pro HAD to be got as a priority, as I already had PS4 Pro enhanced games, and wanted to see if it really was worth it....Generally, YES [ If you have Horizon Zero Dawn ...Jaw droppingly Good]

    Unfortunately for my bank balance, once one upgrade happens, there tends to be a trickle on effect, and yet more gear is updated /acquired, thankfully this affliction only seems to occur every 5 to 6 years.

    The whole problem with upgrading this stuff is the disc storage it takes up for these PRO enhanced games, they average at 90GB with install it out, it doesn't take long to fill a 1tb HD, and you are going to want them to get the best out of the gear you have just bought, otherwise, what was the point of buying it?..... it's a vicious cycle, which has cost me nearly 75% the cost of a PS4 Pro again, to get a 8tb HD to store the games on.....there's a reason I got the BIG one, and that's because the PS4 WON'T allow you to have multiple USB 3 external HD's.....Only ONE !

    It will reject any attempt to format a second external, you might as well get the biggest one you can if you are going to use a external HD, which I think everybody is going to have to do at one stage, at least until the PS5 or some other system update fixes the problem.

    I hope there is a some DLC that comes along with this.....I suspect some sort of update to the menu to allow VR viewing of craft, Like GT Sport, will happen....well I should hope will be a bit of a lack luster release if there isn't.
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    Zombie mode would be awesome!
    Instead of extra content,I would like waiting years until they make a new WO game

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