I noticed that game critics have criticized the Wipeout Omega Collection for its lack of new content being added, so one can only hope that the devs of XDev and Cool Beans are checking it out. If any, I do have track suggestions for them to upgrade them to full HD/4K like the tracks done their makeovers from the Fury DLC release, not just the original HD. And don't wanna add too much for them, either:


-De Konstruct
-Gemini Dam
-Vostok Reef
-Blue Ridge
-Citta Nuova
-Khara Descent

And a new zone track, Karbonis V, as an homage from its reappearance from Wipeout Pure as a Zone track.

Features and Modes:

-Two Zone-ified skins Tigron and Van-Uber for Zone Battle, Zone and Detonator
-Countdown (timed or lapped, players in last place are eliminated and the last player standing wins; being eliminated from inflicting damage by weapons still count)
-Regenerative shield for Pure Racing so it could be fair game
-Cockpit view, each having their own HUDs from different ships
-Allow players to listen their own songs without Spotify (as Spotify is apparently restricted only in the US)

Hope the guys at XDev and Cool Beans take into consideration in giving the Omega COllection its very first official DLC!