To begin with, I hope this is the right place in the wipeoutzone forum to put this.

For quite a while I've been trying to make a decent boardgame based on the very first game that started it all. Yes, that old and hard-as-nails (for me at least) piece of videogame history called WipEout.
And I think that, at last, I have something truly playable and enjoyable. Where to find it? In the link below.

It's a post in my blog, and in it you'll find a few photos and a link to the zip file which has what you need if you want to print & play the game.
Well, it's a fan project and, of course, free of charge. I hope some of you find it interesting and try it.

By the way, I'm aware that someone else tried something maybe similar in a project called "Twin Turbo", but this is completely unrelated to that one.