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Thread: Phase - A Ludum Dare 40 game!

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    Default Phase - A Ludum Dare 40 game!

    Hey guys!

    So, I'm a hobby game dev that just finished up Ludum Dare 40 this past weekend. Ludum Dare is an online event where game developers compete to create games over the course of (in this case) 72 hours! Think of these are like super early prototype-style games that developers make for practice. I decided to participate this time, and worked on a PC game solo! I did all the coding, and made all the graphics and music (but not sound effects).


    "Phase is a race against the time. Gaining speed will help you win, but will also heat up your vehicle. Try to finish without overheating, if you can." To put it simply, it's a time trial based pseudo-racer. Increasing your speed by boosting, hitting speed pads, or drifting will increase the heat of your vehicle, so the goal is to manage your heat while competing for a good time. It was inspired to some degree by Wipeout, so I figured you guys may have some fun with it. You can find download links to the game below!$67712

    Let me know what you guys think if you do play it!

    EDIT: The game was posted with a keyboard control bug that disabled some abilities. This has now been fixed.
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