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Thread: 57% off Omega Pack for PS+ subscribers at UK/ EURO PStore

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    Default 57% off Omega Pack for PS+ subscribers at UK/ EURO PStore

    I just saw a massive discount for PS+ subscribers on offer at the UK / EURO PStore.
    57% off the original selling price.
    Not sure how long this is available, but if you don't have it yet, buy it now at this price, and download it at your leisure , as it will be in your purchase history [That's what I'm doing with the PS VR games that are going cheap-or free for PS+ memebers, even though I don't own a VR headset....I'll have something to play without cost if I eventually get one]

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    Thanks for that! In Germany itís 52% off with PS Plus and 42% without, by the way.

    It was probably not the most rational thing for me to do, but oh well. I get Van Uber and the Digital Artbook now, which is nice. And itís hopefully one more customer to show Sony the need for a sequel But to be honest: I barely use my PS4 for anything but WipEout and the occasional Blu-Ray movie watching. And itís just somewhat annoying to eject the game each time Iím in the mood for a Blu-Ray, as WipEoutís disk basically lives in the PS4ís drive. Yeah. Minor inconvenience really. Should I have bought the digital release in the first place then? Rationally: totally. But hey, what to put into that lovely steelbook then?

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