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Thread: WipEout Friendly Tournament - An Offline WipEout Omega Challenge

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    Talking WipEout Friendly Tournament - An Offline WipEout Omega Challenge

    We have been having a friendly WipEout Omega tournament over on r/WipEout on reddit since the Omega Collection launched. The 5th tournament has just started and wondered if you might like to play?

    They run on a semi-regular basis and this one will be running until the 2nd of October.

    What is it?

    The idea behind it is to set challenges, to motivate us to keep playing and improving, to try weird and wonderful things we wouldn't normally bother with, long after the campaign is over.

    I also wanted to create something that all skill levels could play. Online tournaments can be intimidating for new or not so great players (ask me how I know ), but there should still be challenge for advanced players, because we have some really skilled people competing.

    It's friendly because after the tournament, we share videos, tips and give advice that might help others improve.

    What are the events?

    In each tournament there are 6 events. 2 single races, 1 speedlap, 1 time trial, 1 zone and 1 detonator event.

    Events this time are as follows:

    Single Races
    [Event 1] Metropia, Phantom - any ship
    [Event 2] Unity Square, A Class - any ship

    [Event 3] Talons Junction reversed, Venom - Assegai any Fury variant

    Time Trial
    [Event 4] Downtown, B class - any ship

    [Event 5] Chenghou Project reversed - any ship

    [Event 6] Ubermall - any ship

    How does it work?

    Once the events are announced, we take screenshots of our times for each event and post a link to them in a google spreadsheet. This is our starting time. Then we work on our best time or score and post another screenshot at the end of the tournament. All the times are ranked and giving a score based on their rank. All the points are added up for each event and then ranked overall. The person with top overall score wins.

    There are no prizes, just glory and admiration from your fellow pilots.

    We take a starting and ending time, because we're only interested in the time you can make while the tournament is running, not your best time ever recorded. You're only as good as your last flight!

    Personal Challenges

    Once you have played one tournament, you will be set a personal challenge, to beat the person who ranked above you in the previous tournament. This keeps it more interesting for less godly players Aiming for the top of the leaderboard often feels impossible, but aiming for the person above you feels much more achievable and is still a decent challenge.

    If this all sounds interesting, you can find the full rules here in our Wiki:

    Where do I post my scores?

    The T5 tournament thread is here:

    Where you can find details of the events and link to the spreadsheet where you can post your screenshots. If you're not one for sharing your PSN ID online, don't let that put you off. You can PM me your screenshots instead to verify.

    Any questions please ask.

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope to see you there

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    The ending seems to fall together with the Avalon weekend, you could combine them to get extra players in, as avalon is just a weekend where pilots get together to chat, race & have fun, so if people want a break, they can give this a go ;-)
    Avalon thread linky:
    I recommend joining the group chat so you can make everyone aware of this ;-)

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