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Thread: (online only) How to play 2048's Sol on D To B Class

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    Same as the switch glitch posted here

    How to do:
    highlight Sol
    switch to the track next to sol and press X Within a few frames
    if done right, Sol's icon will flash and Sol pictures will show, but the announcer will say "metro park" or "unity square"

    Gameplay of Sol on C class and me doing the glitch

    Reason why this doesn't work in racebox is because the game loads the track the announcer voice says, so it will flash sol's icon and show it's pictures, but it loads the track that announcer said, so metro park or unity square

    however theres a chance that developers will unlock Sol on D to B classes for Time trial/speed lap in the next patch

    reason why it's locked on D to B class is because the AI couldn't reach the other side of the gap
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