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Thread: PS+ 'exploit'

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    Default PS+ 'exploit'

    Here's a trick to get PS+ (just online MP) without the need to pay a single dime. Sony offers a 30day PS+ trial for every account, and all accounts on the same PS4 have access to PS+ benefits, if one account has PS+. Simply create a random account and get that PS+ trial with it, everytime you want to play online. Just make sure to disable the 'auto renew' function with that account, and you're golden
    I wish i knew about this before i signed up for a whole year...
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    Is the free trial 30 days? As I know the free trial is 14 days. Also it requires you to put first a payment method (you won't pay anything anyway) but as JF said, if you follow this method remember to disable auto renew function and you're ok!

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