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Thread: Has anyone here played Redout?

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    Default Has anyone here played Redout?

    will kinda admit that the games trail that led me to WipEout was a bit of an exploration sort of deal. first I played F-Zero GX cause I heard it was brutally tough and took the challenge, then some time later I play a couple of AG racers that claim they're spiritual successors to it and "some series called WipEout" before finally reaching here with the Omega Collection...

    one of those games was called Redout, and because F-Zero and WipEout played very differently, this game sort of felt like a transition from the former to the latter, what with learning pitch management and such. it was among those games that claimed to draw inspiration from other AG racers, among them the aforementioned WipEout and F-Zero. now that I've played WipEout and grown accustomed to the airbrakes, though, Redout certainly feels a little more slippery by comparison, and the powerups you can equip aren't as aggressive as outright weapons...

    gabbing aside, has anyone here in this forum played this proclaimed AG Racing successor, and if so, what do you think of it by comparison to WipEout?
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