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Thread: my omega collection review (partial)

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    Default my omega collection review (partial)

    I like 2048 but I just can't stand the combat and zone modes so I won't be finishing the campaign.

    HD - I completed the elite campaign and enjoyed the tournaments.
    I think the following tracks are just terrible: Chengou, Sebenco, Vineta K.
    I dislike them so much it probably will prevent me from going online.

    I particularly do not like the way tracks have so much going on and even the track itself is like a disco ball.
    Would like it if future wipeout had tracks that looked somewhat plain like they were in Pulse.

    I like using the analog stick and re-mapped the left right buttons to L2 and R2 for barrel rolls.
    If any future wipeout removed barrel rolls I think it would be a good thing but please I don't want to argue this point in this thread.

    HD Fury - I quit after playing two rounds of detonator.

    Well don't get me wrong I really do love this game for the most part and having lots of fun doing timetrails.
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