Thx to the discovery of the 'switch glitch' it's possible to play Eliminator weaponless, meaning essentially super endurance racing up to 120lap races in HD/Fury and 300lap races in 2048!
I want to start a championship where consistency is king. Simple rules: finish first to win

- Every event will be held on weekends to assure all contenders are available to participate.
- Every event will be either PHANTOM or RAPIER speed.
- Every completed lap gets you 5points in HD/Fury and 2 points in 2048.
- Every completed lap replenish your health by 20HP (1.33BRs) HD/Fury only.
- Every respawn/death costs you 5 points in HD/Fury (not in the first lap!), no punishment in 2048.
- A maximum of 6BRs/lap (90HP) is possible, that brings us very tactical races
- The first player reaching the target score, wins/ends the race. All players scores the points they got in the race for the championship leaderboard.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? So what are you waiting for? Register for the championship by just giving your GO in this thread.