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Thread: (GLITCH) How to play D Class (venom) on 2048 tracks

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    Default How to Play D class on Single race/Time Trial/Speed lap in Racebox (works in online too)

    NOTE: don't try to switch from 2048 to HD with A+. it will load the track no problem, but it messes up the game

    How to do

    Go to racebox
    Select Venom on HD, then switch to 2048 and continue within a few frames.

    if succesful, you will notice the global records are different from C class

    there are also leaderboards, but they are not accessable in records menu... but they do work, im rank 1 on queens mall on single race D

    Video showing the glitch

    note: don't try to glitch it to make detonator or zone battle playable on 2048, both modes will crash the game the second loading screen appears

    this glitch does work in online for Venom class in 2048
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