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Thread: Wishlist of small features/changes in omega

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotEnoughRed View Post
    Regarding the secret stats...

    I think the secret stats are what makes the game interesting aren't they? - it keeps the debate going, the tiny differences that add up on different tracks to make it about discovering which is the best ship / track combination. That's the end game of Wipeout, and so publishing the facts and figures removes the mystery and a [very slim] reason for keeping playing and trying different ships.
    it is. if you understand which hidden stats a ship have, you can use that ship in a certain track instead of another, for example van uber has hidden pitch stats as rf said, also much more grip than other ships, so it's better to use it on low barrel rolls tracks etc.
    imho, it's up to the gamer to find them out using the ship till the death, it's like an experience achievement.

    Quote Originally Posted by blackwiggle View Post
    I've always found the Fury craft tend to bounce around a lot more than the HD ones
    uhm, i see hd ships more bouncy, but maybe it's just my feel.
    i think it changes from ship to ship...i see icaras HD way more bouncy than icaras fury, can't remember other ships tho, but iirc also agsys hd is more bouncy than fury.
    but still, it's just a personal feeling
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