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Thread: Wishlist of small features/changes in omega

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    Default Wishlist of small features/changes in omega

    Which small features/changes do you wish to be in omega?

    i would like to see

    Local personal bests for multiplayer times, Pure and no pure
    2048's zone skin available for races
    Ghost data for top 10 times on SL/TT
    player's met activated
    zone classes over 100 in 2048
    loyalty stats for 2048 teams
    Option to show full lobbies in lobby list
    D class available in racebox/Online

    Region lobby lists removed
    Bombs not slowing you down as much, and expiring time to be 10 seconds
    mines with lower radius
    Sol available on C/B for SL/TT
    Lower laps in 2048 online
    pro tozo/mallavol/corridon 12/syncopia available for single race/TT/SL
    quakes to be rare in elimination (way to common now)
    In Pure racing, every player should start at first spot in the starting grid
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