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Thread: Wishlist of small features/changes in omega

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    Default Wishlist of small features/changes in omega

    Which small features/changes do you wish to be in omega?

    i would like to see

    Local personal bests for multiplayer times, Pure and no pure
    2048's zone skin available for races
    Ghost data for top 10 times on SL/TT
    player's met activated
    zone classes over 100 in 2048
    loyalty stats for 2048 teams
    Option to show full lobbies in lobby list
    D class available in racebox/Online

    Region lobby lists removed
    Bombs not slowing you down as much, and expiring time to be 10 seconds
    mines with lower radius
    Sol available on C/B for SL/TT
    Lower laps in 2048 online
    pro tozo/mallavol/corridon 12/syncopia available for single race/TT/SL
    quakes to be rare in elimination (way to common now)
    In Pure racing, every player should start at first spot in the starting grid
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    I'd like to see the following:

    Quality of Life Changes:
    Get rid of Region Lobby lists and allow pagination of the list of available lobbies.
    Make whomever is the lobby host clear by highlighting their name, putting some kind symbol next to their name, or simply putting their name at the top of the lobby screen.
    Lobby host migration should be passed to whomever was in the lobby the 2nd longest. Right now it seems completely random.
    Make bombs in HD have more visible contrast like they do in 2048. They are too often really hard to see.
    After you are eliminated in races the effects whatever weapon eliminated you linger on respawn and make it hard for you to get going again. Not sure why this is but it's kind of annoying.
    Some weapons in 2048 don't seem to do enough damage. Missiles and quakes in particular seem like they don't do slow you down enough. Sometimes I get missiles back-to-back locking on to the same target and they magically are able to keep going without any useful defense pickups.
    Removal of lobby hosts who are ible and/or pick the same track over and over without racing. Maybe after a two races with DNFs the lobby host should be kicked automatically.
    A way to report bad behaving players in game. Like players who race in the opposite direction trying to interfere with the leader or other races. Or players like those guys with similar psn names who cheat by team shooting other players while never firing on each other. People who played HD on PS3 should know who I'm talking about.

    The option to disable use of 2048 prototype ships in online races would be nice (if balancing the specs of those ships is too difficult).
    Ghost data for top times in races, SLs, and TTs.
    The ability to send friend requests by selecting the name of players in the lobby directly.
    Loyalty stats for the 2048 teams.
    Custom livery options would be nice. Nothing too crazy or elaborate. It would be cool to choose a couple of colors and allow the placement of team logos where we want them. Or even our own gamertags too.
    Limited in-lobby chat. Pre-made phrases and questions would be the only options to prevent abuse. Things like "Please change the speed to Rapier", "Please choose Moa Therma", Start the Race!", etc.
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    I know I've said it before, but:
    Agility-class airbrakes. Left stick. Separate them.

    Zone skins in Single Race would be nice, but I'd take that controls fix any day.
    Also, 2048 Time Trials and Speed Laps should have turbo. Pure Racing does it, HD time attacks do it, I see no reason Racebox 2048 can't.

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    I'd like to see somebody from Sony EDEV / Clever Beans do something about the above.....especially opening 'Players Met' option.....and a Total rethink by Sony EXDEV on why this feature has been disengaged with the PS4's a reason why online either doesn't happen, or dies quick smart.......FIX IT.
    No online play= pointless for game makers to make Online DLC specific content = less $$ for Sony

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    There should be something done about AG-Sys speed ship hegemony on A+ class, it just kills all the diversity and forces you to use one ship. Maybe boost some hidden stats (I remember somebody presented that at least on HD there are much more stats than presented on the ship selection screen) to make the other crafts competitive?

    Also, the fix for this (at least for multiplayer) plus something on its own would be ship restrictions. Like you could restrict a race to specific type of ship (for example only-HD ones on HD mode or only-agility ones on 2048 mode), specific manufacturer or just one specific ship. The last one could also be aviablable to do the other way out - you would be able to not allow specific craft to be used. Could help keeping the diversity and balance, especially on 2048 but most importantly, you could experience all the ships and mode combinations you normally wouldn't, just because of them being not competetive (like fighter ships for regular races, or HD crafts, as they are rarely used because of their lower stats than Fury ones).

    Also, I could put my sign under Racingfan's suggestions, would like to see these changes made too.

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    theres some bug going on with ag sys speed on a+ at the moment

    seems like lower the speed stat is for speed ships on a+ the faster your ship is

    but if they fix that bug, then they have to reset all a+ boards then, or pretty much every record will be impossible on a+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revo View Post
    There should be something done about AG-Sys speed ship hegemony on A+ class...
    Icaras also dominates the HD/Fury leaderboards.
    It's not a big deal, but as you said, it just kills all the diversity.

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