So...When I initially saw the announcement video for the Tigron kit I was hopeful they would allow anyone to purchase it. It was really disappointing to learn that only a few people received these for free. You guys in the UK get all the cool Wipeout related stuff!

That said, I lurk and occasionally post in the Wipeout subreddit. Late last month I got a random message on there from someone in the UK who received one of those cool levitating Tigron model press kits and wanted to sell it. Preferably to a fan of the series. I don't spend a lot of time on Reddit and there was some concern about buying something from someone an ocean away whom I don't know. But he sent me pics of the kit soon after I asked for them. Then we agreed on a price and the use of PayPal for payment and shipping confirmation. PayPal has buyer payment protection (which I didn't know about before this). So in case this turned out to be shady deal I'd get reimbursed. If anyone is extended an opportunity to buy one of these from someone I highly recommend PayPal or any service that offers buyer protection. We agree on £275 for the kit. It was hard to come up with a number since the were no other known sales to of this to use as a benchmark. But ultimately I felt the price was fair considering there weren't that many of these made.

Fortunately, the seller was great to deal with and communicated regularly and often. He sent me the tracking number the same day I sent the funds. I received the kit earlier this month and am enjoying it immensely. It's slowly rotating on my desk as I type this. I guess sometimes you can trust random people online to follow through.